2020 National Executive Election Results

Between July 1 and 14, members of the Australian Progressives voted in our third annual National Executive election. This year, there were 5 vacancies, and 6 candidates. Candidates were required to secure the support of 2 nominating members of the party, and asked to provide a statement to speak to their nomination. Turnout for the election was 12.7%, a record for an internal election, and almost twice the turnout of the 2018 Party Presidential Election. The results of the election were declared at 6:25pm by returning officer, Ross Daws, and can be found here.

Vacancies were declared as the terms of National Executive Members elected to 2 year terms in 2018, and 1 year terms in 2019 expired on July 14. In 2018, Corey Allen and Max Black were elected to a 2 year term, and Peter Wingate to a 1 year term. Max Black resigned during the 2018-2019 term, and his vacancy was filled during the 2019 National Executive Election, along with the opening of another seat. These seats were filled by Douglas Maclaine-Cross and Ross Daws. Both Douglas Maclaine-Cross and Ross Daws have opted to not stand for another term on the executive. The National Executive made the decision to increase the size of the National Executive by 2, to its maximum extent permissible by the National Constitution. As a result of this, there are 4 vacancies for a 2 year term, and 1 vacancy for a 1 year term.

Candidates will be ranked based on their order of election, with the top 4 ranked candidates elected to fill the 2 year vacancies, and the candidate ranked 5th elected to fill the 1 year vacancy.

The initial returns of the result were below. The quota for election was determined to be 31 votes.

Candidate (Name (Gender) State (incumbent?) Primary (%) Declarations
Allen, Corey (M) NSW (i) 97 (52.4%) Elected on Primary Vote - 2 Year Term
Dunn, Helen (F) NSW 22 (11.89%)  
Qian, Xin (F) NSW 16 (8.65%)  
Simmons, Drew (M) NSW 8 (4.32%)  
Sripathy, Kabilan (M) ACT 25 (13.51%)  
Swarbrick, Peta (F) ACT 17 (9.19%)  

After the distribution of preferences for the elected candidate, 3 votes were declared to have exhausted. This did not change the quota for election.

Candidate Vote after Distribution Declarations
Dunn, Helen 27.44  
Qian, Xin 32.33 Elected on Preferences - 2 Year Term
Simmons, Drew 25.01  
Sripathy, Kabilan 37.25 Elected on Preferences - 2 Year Term
Swarbrick, Peta 29.93  

After the first distribution of preferences, the lowest polling candidate (Drew Simmons) was excluded, and preferences reallocated.

Candidate Vote after Distribution Declarations
Dunn, Helen 30.44 Elected under quota (post exclusion) - 1 Year Term
Swarbrick, Peta 34.93 Elected on Preferences (post exclusion) - 2 Year Term

Elected to a 2 year term:
Corey Allen
Kabilan Sripathy
Xin Qian
Peta Swarbrick

Elected to a 1 year term:
Helen Dunn

The New National Executive, in full is:

President: Robert Knight (ACT)
Vice President: Lauren Cochrane (Qld)
Secretary: Kate Hamley (Vic)
Treasurer: Jaime Benjamin (Qld)
General Executives (Term Ending 14/7/2021) General Executives (Term Ending 14/7/2022)
Peter Wingate (Vic) Corey Allen (NSW)
Angela Fulco (SA) Kabilan Sripathy (ACT)
Edward Caroll (Qld) Xin Qian (NSW)
Helen Dunn (NSW) Peta Swarbrick (ACT)


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