These are the active campaigns that the Australian Progressives are working on. Click on a headline to find out more, and get involved today!


Canberra 2020 General Election - Demand Better!

The Canberra Progressives are looking to shake up the ACT with their campaign to demand a better government for all Canberrans. Join the campaign today!


Past Campaigns

Check out some past campaigns, and learn some of the history of the party.

IWD 2020 - Tell Your Story

For International Women's Day 2020, we want you to share your story. What does International Women's Day means to you? And meet some of the women who helped build our organisation, and those who are driving it into the next decade.

2019 Federal Election - Ethics, Evidence, Action.

Our 2019 Federal Election Campaign was a crucial moment in our history. The full story will be released here soon.

2017 Bennelong By-Election - Chris Golding for Bennelong!

The 2017 Bennelong By-Election, during the 2017-18 Citizenship Crisis, was a mammoth effort by a small team from Sydney. Listen to their story in their own words soon.

2016 Federal Election - Birth of a New Movement.

The 2016 Federal Election was our first electoral contest, and was a baptism by fire for our new movement. The full story coming soon.

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