Welcome to our Future

The Australian Progressives believe in having a better more caring society.

An Australia where the quality of life improves for everyone, and we can all continually seek to help one another.

We believe in growing and encouraging the values we already hold dear. The spirit of mateship, while each of us are battlers in our own way we don't have to do it on our own; being good neighbours to one another.

There is a good chance we already have a platform item that speaks to your needs. But if we don't we would love to know your ideas for helping improve our lives.

We are everyday Australians who volunteer our time to try and grow a viable ethical alternative to the existing parties. Please show us your support by joining us.

If you told your friends and family about us, and they told their friends and family about us there is a very good chance that we can reshape our future to be a bright one.

We are here because we believe in you; our fellow Australians.

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  • Douglas Maclaine-Cross
    published this page 2019-10-19 21:08:38 +1100

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