Douglas Maclaine-Cross


Douglas joined the Australian Progressives in 2019, encouraged by the strong values that matched his own. He was elected to the National Executive in 2019 and is an advocate for addressing economic justice, in particular the problem of growing wealth inequality.

He has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Wollongong and since graduating in 2000 enjoying a successful career making software using web based technology globally, for tourism, web hosting, data analytics and government projects.

Influenced by the culture of entrepreneurship and the philosophy of pursuing a passion, Douglas explored the idea of helping others save and invest using software. What became quickly apparent was that the only people who could benefit from such software would always be those who need it least.

He took it upon himself to offer a solution in the form of a Wealth Adjusted Income Tax and presented it to the NSW Labor Fringe event in 2016. He is an advocate for a Universal Basic Income and believes the idea of making welfare dependent on complicated paperwork, means testing and work requirements is an inherent injustice especially in rural communities and for single parents or carers.

He maintains a dedication to completely changing Australia's political discourse in order to achieve justice and a far better quality of life for all Australians.

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