Janine Rees for Ryan



I’m a Ryan local. I’ve been here all my life. I know what matters here.

We all want to feel safe. Whether it’s about our home, family, community or planet, we all want to feel secure and hopeful about the future.

When you share your unique needs with me, your issues become my issues. That’s what being your representative is supposed to be about.

Let me speak for you!

Policy focusEnd domestic violence

One woman per week is murdered by the man who claimed to love her. These horrendous statistics have not changed in 10 years, in fact domestic violence rates are increasing.

I am survivor of 30 years of domestic violence and 4 years of post separation and systems’ abuse. The systems meant to protect us are failing dismally.

We need accountability for perpetrators and the individuals, professionals and systems who enable violence against women and children.

Policy focusEnd poverty and Inequality

‘Why doesn’t she just leave?’

She doesn’t just leave because – discounting the very real fear of being killed if plans to leave are discovered– the price of escaping domestic violence can be to lose absolutely everything.

Systemic gender inequality makes this problem even worse. Domestic violence is the biggest single driver of homelessness and poverty for women and children, thanks to factors like the gender pay gap and the loss of our place in the seniority ranks and superannuation payments while we raise our families.

Add targeted financial abuse by partners and ex-partners, and many victims are left destitute. I know this from personal experience; I saved my life, but I lost my home and my business and gained crippling ‘revenge debt’.

I understand. I want to help fix it.