Our People

Our organisation has been built with the blood, sweat, and tears of our members. Below are a handful of our committed volunteers, who handle day-to-day operations.

Darren Hough

Darren Hough


"I'm a member of the Australian Progressives because I deeply believe in the Party's values. The party is run by normal people, not stuck in the political bubble of Canberra. We face real challenges, in real jobs, on normal incomes."

Our Candidates

Australian Progressives is a party that aims to take our strong values and evidence based policy to parliament. These are the people who have been preselected to represent their communities in this endeavour.


Chris Golding

By-Election 2017

Chris Golding is the Policy Director for the Australian Progressives, and uses his skills learned from his Masters in Public Policy and as a policy officer in the NSW Department of Primary Industries, to develop a forward-looking platform to lead Australians and overcome the pressing issues facing both Australian and global society in the 21st Century. His determination and perseverance has been honed following two life threatening illnesses, most recently forcing him to relearn how to walk, which has seen him regain his position in the Australian Deaf Football Team.

More to come...