Peter Wingate


Peter Wingate is a founder-member of the Australian Progressives, serving on the National Interim Steering Committee (NISC) and the first (and subsequent) Executives of the party.  He joined the Progressives in 2014 because he hates the current value-bereft political landscape and woeful government and realised that trying to ignore it is how we got here in the first place. 

He has a background in architecture (BA.Arch), small business, financial services (in professional development and regulatory capacities), learning & development, and is (slowly) studying a Master of Education in Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion at the University of Melbourne.  Peter is passionate about engaging, empowering and enhancing local community to achieve progressive social and political change, and is active in diverse community organisations in the Inner West of Melbourne including ‘The Westsider’ Community Newspaper, for which he writes the column ‘The Wingate Dumbocracy’.

Peter immigrated to Melbourne with his family and twin brother from Scotland when he was a 1 year-old and is determined to see the opportunities provided to him as a new Australian offered to all Australians regardless of circumstance, ultimately to the benefit all Australia. 

He loves art, architecture and design, culture, cooking and coffee, and believes that ‘all life is learning’, therefore seems to be endlessly studying one thing or another.


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