Platform Outline

Economic Justice

Our goal as Australian Progressives, is to end poverty and assure the living wage for all Australians. We will also increase Newstart so no Australian struggles day-to-day.

We also strongly support small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs willing to have a go and make a difference.

Our policies also include implementing a range of job initiatives in traditional industries including the trades, and especially for women and girls in trade areas that are traditionally male dominated.

We will introduce legislation to strengthen a responsible financial and banking system that serves all Australians.

We will also review and revise Australia’s taxation thresholds and system to deliver a fair and equitable taxation system for all Australians and end corporate and other forms of irresponsible tax evasion.

Social Equality

We will guarantee funding for national programs to end violence against women and children. 

As Progressives we will also introduce a fair and equal parental leave system for all working parents and carers.

We advocate gender equity and diversity in our parliaments as a true place of representative democracy.

We celebrate and will promote the successes of our multicultural Australia.

Ending Corruption

We will establish of a Federal ICAC.

We will legislate protections for journalists and whistle-blowers and introduce a legally binding Federal and State Parliamentarian Code of Conduct.

Guaranteeing Environmental Protection and Addressing Climate Change: Today.

We champion a national rapid, funded and equitable transition strategy to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

We will initiate and legislate a range of fully funded measures to preserve and protect our natural biodiversity.

We will bring national water security to the forefront of environmental policy to preserve our diminishing water supply, restore our agricultural industry and support struggling Australian farmers.

Building and Securing Australia's Future

The Australian Progressives will implement policies to develop and deliver a strong comprehensive social, economic and political plan to build a future for all Australians.

Working with the States, Territories and Local Governments, we will implement funded public, social and affordable housing initiatives, including research and development of  range of housing options.

We will secure an ongoing minimum investment threshold amount of the GDP to invest in national public transport and infrastructure programs, with an emphasis upon regional growth and development policies, especially for Northern Australia.

We will assure ongoing support for our agricultural and primary industries through a range of funded grants and “Buy only Australian” marketing programs.

We will continue to develop new defence capabilities and space industries to make all Australians proud.


We will continue to support life-long learning, from play to post-doctorate, and every other way to learn.


We will deliver an enhanced and fully funded Medicare as the world class model of national healthcare. We will retain some elements of private health insurance to enable Australians to choose the ancillary and cosmetic services they prefer.

We will develop and implement a national dental scheme with free dental care for all young Australians under the age of 18 years and those on income support.

Foreign Policy and Immigration

We will deliver an independent foreign policy that speaks with an Australian accent.

This will include:

  • treating new arrivals with dignity
  • respecting and enforcing the rules of international law and effectively carrying out our obligations as a global citizen
  • preserving and promoting the human rights of the disadvantaged and persecuted in Australia and around the world.

Democratic and Constitutional Reform

Shaping our Australian citizen centred democracy at the personal level through instituting electoral safeguards designed to enhance the representativeness and trustworthiness of our parliamentary democracy.

We will deliver ongoing measures in Australia’s parliaments to safeguard responsible government into the 21st Century.

We will continue to advocate the maintenance of the separation of Church and State. 

We will refine our Federation through Constitutional reform and lead the change to a modern Australian Republic.


Voice. Treaty. Truth. Now.

We fully support all First Peoples to their rightful place in Australian society through the provision of treaties and agreements designed to affirm their place in the Australian nation.

Media, Communications and Culture

We will restore funding to the ABC and SBS and implement legislative measures for a diverse, accountable and competitive digital and traditional media. 

We will enhance support measures for our athletes and for all sports generally.

We will work with the private sector to upgrade and introduce national sponsorship and grants initiatives for a healthy and vibrant arts culture that contributes to national life.

Science and Knowledge

We will introduce legislative protections for Australian research and patent reform.

We will develop a national comprehensive data protections framework and upgrade privacy rights to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Criminal Law Reform

We will bring our justice system into the 21st Century by harmonizing all state, territory and federal criminal laws.

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