The Australian Progressives are boldly addressing fundamental challenges facing Australia that have been ignored by other political parties for decades. Party politics, ideological short-sightedness and the financial influence of vested interests has resulted in the political class catering to those holding the purse strings to the detriment of Australian citizens, thus failing to transform Australia for the new century.

We believe Australia's best days are ahead of us.

Inequality is on the rise in Australia across wealth, education, health, gender and social justice, which is affecting all of us, and damaging our economy and quality of life. It's time we worked together to end it.

Governments have failed to provide critical infrastructure increases for health, education, transport, freight, water and food in our cities and rural communities. It is time for this to change to promote job and business opportunities and improve societal outcomes for all Australians.

Employment opportunities and conditions are under constant attack and pressure from corporations, lobbyists and trade agreements that cater for a select few multinational corporations, big business and lobby groups. Small and medium business and Australian agricultural enterprises are under constant pressure and attack by those same entities, yet they are the backbone of our economy and future of Australia.

We, the majority of Australia, must stand united and tall. It's time we worked together. It's time we fight back. It's time our voices were heard.

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