Asylum Seekers

The following represents the Australian Progressives policy to provide a safe, clear path to resolve the dereliction of duty by the Parliament to the Nation, and by the Nation, to those who seek Asylum. Australian Progressives will:

  1. As a matter of priority, establish a Royal Commission into the Mandatory Detention and Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers since 1992.
  2. Establish a policy of Onshore Processing of Asylum claims.
  3. Increase the Australian Humanitarian Intake to 26,000 per year.
  4. Support the closure of all remaining Australian Offshore Processing Centres on Manus Island, and in Nauru. All current detainees to be brought to Australia, and processed Onshore.
  5. Consult with regional partners to establish point-of-safe-harbour in South East Asia to prevent the resumption of dangerous maritime crossing.
  6. Seek to establish Australian-run refugee settlements in consultation with nations bordering conflict zones to improve safety closer to home.
  7. Seek out a regional asylum seeker agreement.