Australian Progressives recognise education as the greatest opportunity for every child in Australia to get the best start in life.

To this end, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Improve teacher training and remuneration in a similar way to the successful Finnish model.
  2. Review the national curriculum in order to bring best practice education, with a particular focus on changing one-size-fits-all paradigms, instead encouraging each child’s agency and interests, supporting a thirst for knowledge and the teaching of research, mindfulness, and sound argument.
  3. Remove excessive testing and inappropriate pushing down of the curriculum and homework into early childhood.

Vocational Education and Training

In the Vocational Sector, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Hold an industry-wide investigation into the Vocational Education and Training industry on the rorting of the Higher Education Loan Programme (FEE-HELP) and providing substandard courses.
  2. Re-nationalise and properly fund TAFEs.
  3. Refocus a majority of State and Federal Vocational Education Sector funding to TAFE and re-regulate the Vocational Education industry.

Tertiary education

In the Tertiary Sector, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Reform student funding to reduce course fees for all tertiary students.
  2. Reform HECS-HELP so students pay back loans at 1% from $48,000 per year rising to 9% for incomes over $90,000 per year.
  3. Increase Youth Allowance (Student), AusStudy, and AbStudy. Abolish the Start-up Loan, and introduce a semester allowance of $1500 to help pay for educational materials.

Education Funding

Australian Progressives will:

  1. Support full needs-based funding through the implementation of the original Gonski Reform Model.