Climate Change

Climate Change is the greatest policy challenge of our time. To combat the negatives of anthropogenic climate change, the Australian Progressives will:

  1. Introduce broad based Emissions Trading Scheme
  2. Restore/increase funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and the CSIRO as well as reversing the cuts to funding and staff in the CSIRO, and re-establishing the climate change commission
  3. Lock in a 100% Renewable energy target by 2036 and 125% by 2060. Target 70% reduction on 2005 emissions levels by 2030.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the greatest natural assets Australia enjoys, a great bequest to our nation not from our parents, but from our grandchildren. To ensure the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Immediately halt developments that threaten the Reef
  2. Investigate options to increase protections for the Reef and move to a sustainable tourism industry.

Conservation and Biodiversity

Australian Progressives support biodiversity in the interests of the environment, to this end Australian Progressives will:

  1. Improve protections for biodiversity.
  2. Transition to sustainable industry practices.
  3. Work with local and state government to eradicate invasive species that threaten natural biodiversity.

Land & Water

Our waterways are an essential lifeline for all Australians. For this reason, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Introduce greater protections for agricultural lands, waterways, national parks, marine sanctuaries, reefs and fisheries from such things as mining, the use of certain pesticides and more.
  2. Introduce a national water management and irrigation system with increased investment in water capture and storage and irrigation infrastructure.


Australia has a global reputation for safe and innovative agricultural practice. In order to protect this reputation, and the livelihoods of those who work the land, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Provide support for climate change mitigation.
  2. Oppose foreign purchase of agricultural land.
  3. Provide funding for innovative sustainable agricultural development.


While Mining is, and will always remain, an important aspect of the Australian Economy, Australian Progressives will always fight to ensure that it is done in a sustainable manner. For this reason, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Phase out unconventional gas, coal and oil mining, such as Coal Seam Gas extraction.
  2. Require upfront capital for environmental restoration works
  3. Phase out fossil fuel subsidies.
  4. Oppose the proposed Carmichael Coal Mine, insofar as there is no sovereign risk.