Equity is a key Australian value; the fair go. In order to ensure equity for all Australians, Australian Progressives will:

Gender Equality

  1. Advocate for fairness for both women and men wherever there are systemic discriminatory practices; including equal pay, parental leave, childcare and parental custody.
  2. Elevation of the gender affairs portfolio to the Federal Cabinet
  3. Active support for 50% gender quotas for corporate Australia boards and similar decision-making bodies, including superannuation boards and University Councils
  4. Paid leave up to 10 working days for employees (male and female) affected by or victims of domestic abuse
  5. Annual grants allocation to domestic violence support services
  6. Increased superannuation pre-tax contribution limits up to $50,000 for men and women aged more than 50 years with low superannuation balances of less than $100,000.
  7. Additional subsidies for female apprentices and trainees in trade areas traditionally considered as male (to attract more females)

Domestic Violence

  1. Support all the recommendations to increase funding and services as outlined in the final report from the Victorian Royal Commission into Domestic Violence.

Protect Equality

  1. Defend Australia’s culture of egalitarianism by ensuring legal rights and opportunities are protected and applied equally to all Australians regardless of race, sex, gender, religious, political, or cultural affiliation.

First Peoples of Australia

  1. Work with the First Peoples of Australia to write a treaty.
  2. The establishment of Makarrata.
  3. Review frameworks to improve progress achieving Closing the Gap goals.
  4. Commit to long term funding initiatives to empower communities to solve their local issues.