1. Guarantee government-owned and provided Medicare and reverse funding cuts for common procedures.
  2. Reform health care sector to improve service delivery costs and focus on preventative health outcomes.
  3. Include Dental procedures in Medicare.
  4. Provide full mental health coverage on Medicare.

Health Services

  1. Guarantee Hearing Australia and other asset health services are not privatised.

Health Funding

  1. Build a long term Health Funding model to take Commonwealth-State politics out of the picture and provide long term guaranteed health services for all Australians
  2. Increase health research funding for age-related health issues to tackle issues arising as a result of Australia’s ageing population.

Mental Health

  1. Provide funding to increase regional and rural services
  2. Add mental health education to school syllabuses
  3. Provide increased services to reduce reliance on hospitals.

Drug reform

  1. Pivot from criminal to health focus for addicts and recreational users.

Pharmaceutical benefits scheme

  1. Create a new pharmaceutical production facility to supply “off patent” pharmaceuticals and sell at just above the cost price in order to make the PBS more sustainable and create room for new medications to be introduced into the PBS.