Social Security

Social Security in Australia is a fundamental responsibility of government. To ensure the continued provision of the social safety net, and the continued viability of our democracy, Australian Progressives will:

  1. Nationalise unemployment support services and increase access to job seeker case managers, in order to empower people to actively contribute to their communities either as paid employees or as volunteers.
  2. Improve access to support services such as mental health and subsidised skills training.
  3. Increase payments to social security recipients.
  4. Remove barriers to eligible support payments.
  5. Review and remove the inherent disincentives to work in the current payment structures and implement progressive means testing to prevent income loss as wages increase and negate excess effective tax rates.
  6. Increase base rate for the age pension by $100, review indexation to ensure accurate cost of living captured.
  7. Hold a review into asset shifting in order to clamp down on the practice of transferring wealth to gain a social security benefit.