Working week

  1. Reduce the working week to 32 hours and increase flexibility to permit workers to have a four day working week, without financial loss.

Relative Earnings

  1. Cap CEO remuneration at 100 times lowest paid employee, with appropriate restrictions to prevent low-paid job outsourcing.

Entry level and Graduate Employment incentives

  1. 0.25 to 0.75% company tax break for businesses that employ 10% entry level and graduates as proportion of staff.

Paid Parental Leave & Childcare

  1. Extend leave entitlement to 24 weeks initially (progressively move to 36 then 52 weeks), for both mothers and fathers.
  2. Increase flexibility to provide gradual return to work. Increase the number of childcare facilities and their affordability.

Foreign trade agreements

  1. Oppose trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that take away from the nation's sovereign powers and are heavily weighted to the interests of multinational corporations at the expense of local businesses and jobs.