Queensland Platform

Social Security

  • The Queensland Progressives support building 100,000 new public housing constructions across a five year period.

Human Rights

  • The Queensland Progressives support the introduction of Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation.

Public Transport

  • The Queensland Progressives support...
    • increasing public transport options, especially in the South-East corner.
    • expanding rail west to Toowoomba.
    • expanding rail north to Noosa.
    • connecting the Ipswich/Springfield rail line direct to the Gold Coast rail line.

Industry Development

  • The Queensland Progressives support...
    • the creation of a "clean" manufacturing industry, with startup incentives for renewable energy focused businesses.
    • reviving the local car manufacturing industry, with a focus on electric vehicles, and the creation of an electric charging grid across the whole state.
    • the creation of a games design industry, with support similar to those for the film industry.

Environment and Climate

  • The Queensland Progressives support...
    • stopping all new coal mine applications, in line with moving to a Coal Free Future.
    • protecting the Galilee Basin.
    • a moratorium on fracking across the state.

Regional Development

  • The Queensland Progressives support...
    • investment in better internet connections for remote and rural areas.
    • more funding in rural and remote health services.


  • The Queensland Progressives support medicinal cannabis law reform, in line with a transition to full legalisation.


  • The Queensland Progressives are committed to a broad-scale review of criminal justice sentencing laws regarding sex offences, in line with community expectations.
  • The Queensland Progressives support an increase in oversight of the Crime and Corruption Committee to senior public service executives.

More coming soon.

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