Ross Daws


Ross' interest and involvement in politics came about as a reaction to the politicisation and dehumanisation of asylum seekers that took place under successive governments since the Tampa incident in 2001. Ross was and remains appalled and saddened by the mainstream parties' practice of putting forward policy positions aimed at securing popular opinion or capitalising upon public sentiment, rather than basing policy upon firm values and just outcomes. In 2018 he researched every party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission, searching for a progressive party with a policy platform based on human dignity and human rights, economic and social justice, and a deep and abiding love of Australia and those qualities that make us stand out as a people and as a nation. This search led him to the Australian Progressives. Ross joined the party in 2018, and began serving on the National Executive in 2019.

Ross works professionally in the Software Development and Architecture industry since graduating from Swinburne University of Technology in the 1990s. He has worked for large corporations and small enterprises, with significant experience in both the telecommunications and superannuation sectors. Over the years Ross has utilised his experience volunteering with social clubs and organisations dedicated to the preservation of refuge huts scattered throughout the Victorian High Country.

Ross has a broad range of interests, including camping and exploring the Australian bush, entrepreneurship and innovation, photography and astrophotography, writing fiction, and recreational motorcycling. Ross is also a guitarist and songwriter for a blues band, and lives in Melbourne's leafy outskirts with his wife and two daughters.

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