Women of Australian Progressives - Bethany Williams

Sunday March 8 is International Womens Day. 

In the lead up, we are introducing you to a series, WoAP, sharing the stories of women who have been a part of our growth and success as a party. 

Bethany Williams is an ACT Steering Committee member and candidate nominee. 


“I wasn’t born into a life where politics was discussed around the dinner table, but I have always had a strong sense of fairness and justice. Over the years, my interest and passion for doing the right thing by Australians has grown, and for me, the only way I can see myself making a difference is to get into politics.
We all know climate change and a changing world power structure is going to be something we have to deal with going forward, and so we need leadership that protects our national interests and puts Australians first. We need to protect our incredible health care system. We need to enforce truth in media and political advertising. We need to do everything we can to reduce our carbon emissions and transition over to renewable energy. We need to boost spending in regional areas and create alternative jobs and industries in communities reliant on fossil fuel industries to provide employment. We need to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society. We need to keep religion out of our government and schools. And we desperately need to bring trust and integrity into our parliament by introducing a federal ICAC that holds all politicians accountable for their actions and ensures complete transparency of the government of the day.
Australians deserve so much better, and no matter what side of the political divide people sit, we need to all look out for one another.”
“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realised I am somebody” (Lily Tomlin).

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