Women of Australian Progressives - Brenda Jack Son

Today is International Womens Day.  Over the past week, we have brought to you some of the stories of the incredible women who have been a part of our foundation and ongoing success. 

The last of the #WoAP series today is Brenda Jack Son. Secretary of the WA Progressives

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"For me IWD 2020 is quite poignant given the violent deaths of Hannah and her children.  Back in 1991 I was forced out of my home into a women’s refuge with my 11 month son.  I was advised by the police to “find somewhere safe”. The nuns at Ave Maria Refuge had to empty a storeroom to make space for us as they knew the gravity of our situation and every other refuge in Perth was full. Has anything changed when we heard the detective speak about how ‘he may have been pushed to it”?  NO.  Nothing has changed.  The misogyny in Australia is still full front and centre as we saw with the way our first female Prime Minister was treated by men in power and men not in power.

Once again the rhetoric begins but nothing changes.  We have recently heard that the Alt Right Neo Nazi groups are more of a threat to Australia’s security than the “terrorists” we are supposedly protecting our borders from. My question is how will we ever effect REAL CHANGE Australia whereby we can keep our women and children safe.  We know the statistics - 1 in 3 women in Australia will experience an assault at some time in their lives.  Yet we continue to bury our heads in the sands.

I went to the vigil for Hannah and her kids in Perth and they spoke about educating our boys and sons.

I say forget it!  I say let’s start educating our daughters, granddaughters and nieces.  Let’s show them that being a nasty feminist is not a bad word as the “males” want us to believe.  The men who aren’t intimidated by us will embrace us.  The ones who are intimidated are the ones to steer clear of anyway.

I say let us make some noise and make the patriarchy uncomfortable. It is time for us females to take control. However we do this we must stand side by side and believe in our sisters of all religion, cultures and ethnicity.”  

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