Women of Australian Progressives - Therese Faulkner

Sunday March 8 is International Womens Day
In the lead up, we are introducing you to a series, WoAP, sharing the stories of women who have been part of our growth an ongoing success.
Meet Therese Faulkner, a candidate in the 2019 Federal Election 
“I grew up in the 70s when women were fighting for a better deal. This influenced my public service career where I am proud to have been part of progressive changes in the workplace which saw the representation of senior executive women grow from 2.6% in the 1980s to about 46% now. I have been fortunate to live in a place and at a time where so many women are strong and capable people. I count myself as one of these women, and helped by the two most influential people in my life - my parents.
My dad, Bob, for never noticing I was a girl, and instilling in me a love of reading. He treated my sister and I as 'the kids' - not 'the girls'. I've always been able to bowl an excellent yorker at cricket, and have ambition to be, at various times, a teacher, a train driver, and a Prime Minister.
And my mum, Nola, for giving me humour and humility. She was from a very poor family, and was always quick to pull me up if I was getting a bit too big for my boots. As a result, I truly value every human being as equal, regardless of our job, gender, education, ‘class’, ethnicity, appearance, mental state, colour, or religion. I think this has served me well in life, and will hopefully serve me well in politics too.”

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