Antoinette Pitt for Victoria


Mine certainly aren't, and I want to change that to help all of you. I want to represent the diverse, multicultural values of our communities today, not the dated values of the 1950s.

I want the voices of our vulnerable communities to be represented. I want Australians to move forward together, without stomping over each other to get where they need to be. It’s time for us to show each other our best selves, supporting and promoting and investing in each other.

We need our basic needs for food, shelter and dignity met so that we can all feel safe. We need discrimination against and disrespect for those who are different from us to STOP. Kindness is not a dirty word!

Our government has become cowardly and reactive. We need brave, proactive decisions to safeguard our health, our food and our energy. We need climate action NOW to ensure we reach net zero by 2030.
I will not let these weak politicians procrastinate unchallenged any longer. Let’s change our priorities, Australia!

Policy focusA Renewable Economy


Australia has been slow to realise that fossil fuels are not a permanent cash cow.

As the world cuts emissions and stops buying our dirty energy resources, we must act now to support the workers and communities who will be affected. Transitioning to new renewable energy industries in these same localities is a positive for the economy. It's time to bring back manufacturing, but this time we’ll make it sustainable!


Similarly, farmers need to be supported in new techniques and tools to limit emissions whilst still supplying the Australian population. A more stable environment will help lower costs and bring more predictable seasons, ensuring a safe food supply.

Australian Progressives want to establish an accord for manufacturers, producers, suppliers, retailers and recyclable resource collectors, to ensure no product is made that will end up as landfill. We need a closed loop, circular economy with minimum waste.

Policy focusHonesty

Australians just want to be told the truth.
The government has lost the trust of the people after years of mishandling of funds, pork barrelling, golden handshakes to mates, gaslighting, omissions, broken promises, rorting, lying and coverups.

We need an independent commission to expose these unethical actions and failures of process. We need to close the loopholes.

No more closed investigations or secret bail outs. No more money changing hands and contracts being awarded based on nepotism and secret agendas instead of competence and value for money. 

I will push for the strongest form of ICAC to be implemented, because clearly our politicians cannot be trusted to do the right thing by the people they supposedly represent.