Our Story

The Australian Progressives was formed in 2014 by a group of people with shared political beliefs that did not identify with the major progressive parties – namely Labor and the Greens. Over the years a committed group of people have put substantial effort into establishing the party. It has stood candidates in both federal and state elections.

In 2023 the party is undertaking the next stage in its organisational growth and development, with the ultimate long-term goal of becoming a party of government within Australia’s two-party system.

We expect that this will be a slow process.

The idea is about uniting progressive Australians around a single, large, open, modern and transparent organisation.

It involves understanding how Australia’s hybrid Westminster system of government works and how progressive Australians can use it to our best long-term advantage.

It is not about the next election cycle.

In the next few years we are looking to do the following:

  1. Build the party membership
  2. Develop the operational side of the party
  3. Create the processes to develop and select Australia’s future leaders

You can read more about our policies in the previous election.

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Important Documents - The Australian Progressives Code of Ethics / The Constitution of Australian Progressives