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Our evidence-based policy is defined by our values and crafted to build a better, stronger and fairer Australia.

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Our Values

Our values are built around ethics, empathy, equality, evidence, engagement and empowerment.

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Our vision

We believe in Australia. The Australian Progressives see the wealth of this nation coming not from the extraction of its lands but through the empowerment of its people.

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The Australian Progressives

The Australian Progressives believe in the advancement of an empathetic society - one in which all citizens of this country can reach their full potential and find fulfilment in their lives within a thriving environment. We want to be a government with the guts to advance society through laws, services and infrastructure, for the benefit of all people. Government and communities should work together to develop creative and passionate individuals who can improve the world around them, embracing education, technology, science, culture and global leadership.


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