Media, Communications & Culture

The policy priorities we highlighted during the previous election

Public Broadcasting

The Australian Progressives will:

  • Restore and expand (where necessary) funding to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).
  • Support the funding of high quality content broadcast free to Australians and oppose the expansion of advertising or commercial influence.       
  • The Australian Progressives will remove commercial advertising on the SBS.           
  • Develop policy to build up in-house capability to achieve critical mass/competency centres to produce quality Australian educational programs, programmes to support cultural and regional diversity, specialist programming, and programming supportive of communicating the national character locally and overseas.
  • Adequately fund maintenance or creation of necessary infrastructure (digital and physical broadcast) to ensure the ABC & SBS have adequate capability/capacity to meet their charters.
  • Provide the funding and contract for the Australia Network (the international television broadcasting function) to be restored to the ABC.

Broader Media

The Australian Progressives support:

  • Policy to require self governed media regulation to adhere to their declared standards in accuracy, corrections and balanced reporting.
  • Policy to lower the ownership threshold to encourage diversity of media ownership.
  • Policy to remove gambling from professional sports broadcasts.

National Broadband Network

The Australian Progressives support:

  • Policies to enhance and retain publicly owned majority Fibre to the Home (FTTH) / Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network.
  • Policies that would allow broadband prices to be set equally across the country.

The Australian Progressives oppose the privatisation of the NBN Co.


The Australian Progressives support:

  • A shift in sports policy to a focus on grassroots health and activities as a priority to professional level sports.
  • Policies to encourage cycling as an alternative to motorised transport.
  • Sports policies with a focus on benefits in addition to the risks of various exercise equipment/facilities.
  • Nationwide campaigns on the benefits of daily exercise.

The Arts

The Australian Progressives support:

  • The government funding of the arts to provide great art for everyone.
  • An “At arm’s length” principle of structural separation between government and arts councils.
  • The abolition of the “National Programme for Excellence in the Arts” and Book Council.
  • Policy to restore funding to the Australia Council.
  • Policy for the Australia Council to be funded/staffed to accommodate emerging/newer/wider art.
  • Policy that seeks collaboration/integration of artistic programs and other government services.
  • The creation of a National Arts week.