Introducing the High Performance Political Party (HP3)

Introducing the High Performance Political Party (HP3)

27 April, 2023

One of our more active members, Justin Ryan, is the creator of the High Performance Political party, a concept about creating a new progressive organisation within our political system. Those in the party may find the text interesting as a resource for understanding the challenges we face as a minor party, as well as offering insights and solutions towards them. 

“Two key aspects of our system are that it produces two options for executive government, and that the executive is drawn from the legislature. The best way to describe Australia’s current political divide is ‘progressive vs conservative’.

This means being able to see the difference between our hybrid Westminster system of government itself, and the state of the current major parties incumbent in those two positions.

The people on the progressive side are best served if we have a single open, modern, and transparent organisation with a large number of people involved, with an open meritocracy to produce leaders. This will give the organisation and its people more integrity.

It is not in our interests as progressive Australians to fracture into smaller groups or tribes. The ALP is becoming a smaller group, with many more progressives outside the tent rather than in it. The Greens are not broad enough to set themselves up to offer an alternative executive government. Independents are not capable of forming an executive.

How we choose to organise ourselves matters. It will have a tangible effect on our lives. This is much more likely to be achieved by working within our system rather than against it. A primary step is the organisational design of any new party.”

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