Climate for Change Climate Crisis Workshop

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November 26, 2021 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm
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On Friday November 26th, Ken Enderby from Climate for Change will be facilitating an online workshop on the climate crisis. The workshop will cover the science, economics and politics of climate change, and what individuals and groups can do about it.

About Ken

Ken is a long-time activist in the areas of peace, human rights, economic development and the environment, with extensive experience in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. More recently, he has devoted his time to climate change, and is currently president of Climate Action Burwood/Canada Bay (in Sydney), and a trainer with Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. Ken has degrees in history and economics, and in 2020 completed a course on climate science at Queensland University. He is the author of Climate Myths and how to Respond to Them, which examines 75 common and not-so-common misconceptions about the climate crisis, and why they are wrong. He is particularly interested in the views of the few remaining climate 'sceptical' scientists, and how they have changed of late. At the workshop, Ken can answer any questions you might have about the science and economics of climate change, and will facilitate a discussion on what can be done at a grassroots level.

Climate for Change (C4C) is a non-profit organisation which facilitates 'Conversations' about the climate crisis. C4C provides a facilitator with expert knowledge on the subject, to guide the workshop. Only the first part of the session is in the form of a presentation. The rest is a discussion among the participants.

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Friday 26th November, 7:30PM AEDT