Democratic & Constitutional Reform

The policy priorities we highlighted during the previous election

Citizens Initiated Policy

The Australian Progressives support:

  • policies to include citizens in the policy development process.
  • policies for the development of a process for Citizens Initiated Referenda.
  • the establishment of Citizens Juries, in the Irish Model, for the development of key policy objectives, including Constitutional Reform.

Digital Government

The Australian Progressives support:

  • the creation of a forum for online data submission for all forms/communication.
  • two factor authentication as an option for all government services.
  • the creation of a secure electronic communication path for government.
  • the release of selected government content to the public domain.

Separation of Church and State

The Australian Progressives support:

  • that any government funding of services must come with a requirement of a secular staffing and service provision.
  • the opposing of Government funding to discriminate or fund discrimination, homophobia or sexism.
  • that religious belief and expression are a personal matter and are not to be funded from public funds.
  • the winding up of the National Schools Chaplaincy program, with the funding to go to additional hours for qualified counsellors and student welfare services.
  • policies that require Religious bodies to separate their charitable activities from their religious promotion for tax free status.
  • requiring religious bodies to pay relevant taxes and council rates.
  • policies to remove religious prayer as a part of parliamentary or other government process, replaced with a moment of silent reflection/thought.

Electoral Reform

The Australian Progressives support:

  • the reviewing of the Australia’s electoral system, to ensure the representative nature of both chambers to their purpose.
  • the establishment of Truth in Political Advertising laws.
  • the establishment of impartial e-democracy tools to allow voters to simply determine where they stand on the issues, and who best represents them.

Electoral Funding Reform

The Australian Progressives support:

  • policies to end corporate donations.
  • policies to require union member disclosure and endorsement of major donations to political parties.
  • policies to ban “cash for access” events.
  • policies to expand public funding of political campaigns.
  • policies to establish “realtime” declarations of donations.


The Australian Progressives support:

  • holding a referendum, and supporting the case for change, on the issue of an Australian Republic.
  • the establishment of a national contest for a new flag design.
  • the replacement of royal and colonial imagery on coinage and notes with people and images celebrating Australians and Australian achievements.

Territorial Rights

The Australian Progressives support:

  • self-determination for all Australian Territories, and will not enact federal vetoes on Territory policy.
  • the process for a statehood referendum for the Northern Territory, on equal standing of any Federation State.
  • the process for a statehood referendum for the Australian Capital Territory, on equal standing of any Federation State.

Constitutional Reform

The Australian Progressives support:

  • a referendum to reform S.44 of the Constitution, in order to bring it in line with modern multicultural Australia.
  • a complete redraft of the Australian Constitution to capture contemporary thinking, practice, and will of the Australian People.

Judicial Reform

  • The Australian Progressives commit to a Royal Commission into the Family Law System.

Bill of Rights

  • The Australian Progressives supportthe drafting and implementation of a legislative Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.