A smart Education plan

The policy priorities we highlighted during the previous election

Primary and Secondary Education

The Australian Progressives will:

  • Legislate to improve teacher training and remuneration in a similar way to the successful Finnish model.
  • Review the national curriculum in order to bring best practice education, with a particular focus on changing one-size-fits-all paradigms; instead encouraging each child’s agency and interests, supporting a thirst for knowledge and the teaching of research, mindfulness, and sound argument.
  • Remove excessive testing and inappropriate pushing down of the curriculum and homework into early childhood.
  • Work with the education departments and experts to provide improved PE/Health information/education in the curriculum.
  • Work towards a system that recognises a range of achievement and types of capability.
  • Place an emphasis on early intervention for children with special needs.
  • Introduce policy to reduce class sizes, particularly in literacy and numeracy lessons, in lower socio-economic demographics and in those schools with significant percentage of special needs students.
  • Ensure core skills are taught in a meaningful way.
  • Push for a greater emphasis on play and creativity in the school week.
  • Launch a curriculum which de-emphasises homework, standardised testing and academic league tables.
  • Boost support for the creative arts as a valued part of society which contributes to mental health and problem solving.
  • Introduce a curriculum which actively teaches mental health, social skills, civics and critical skills to support students’ assessment of evidence and use of the internet.
  • Boost support for science, technology, engineering and Maths.


Australian Progressives support:

  • Needs-based funding and world-leading public free tertiary education for all.
  • Policies to stamp out predatory training organisations.
  • An increase in the value and availability of Commonwealth postgraduate research scholarships.
  • Transparency of finances and student body needs.
  • Policies to wind back private tertiary funding and lift regulatory oversight conditions.

Australian Progressives oppose:

  • The deregulation of university and TAFE fees.
  • The sale, lease or other privatisation of tertiary education


The Australian Progressives will:

  • Develop policy to create more challenging play environments for children.
  • Endorse an education campaign around health benefits vs risks of challenging play.
  • Empower local communities to furnish play-based educational settings with open-ended toys and loose parts rather than single-purpose toys.

Early Childhood

The Australian Progressives want:

  • Childcare and pre-school as part of the public education system.
  • A curriculum of play based learning delivered by trained professional staff.


Australian Progressives will:

  • Introduce needs-based funding and world-leading public free education for all.
  • Ensure infrastructure and equipment funding will transition to being provided only for public education or retained public ownership.
  • Transition private education to a fee-free and discrimination-free offering as a condition of full-public funding.

Educator Development and Conditions

Australian Progressives propose:

  • That additional positions be created for qualified teachers.
  • Raising entry requirements for teaching courses and aiming to improve public perception of teaching as an honourable, respected profession.
  • Making all teacher education free and raising teaching salaries to a level commensurate with other professionals.
  • Additional support for Indigenous applicants for teacher education.

Life-long Education

The Australian Progressives support policy that provides retraining support for older workers.