Social Equality and fairness

The policy priorities we highlighted during the previous election

Social Equality is a key Australian value; the fair go. In order to ensure equality for all Australians, we have a series of policy positions.

Gender Equality

The Australian Progressives will:

  • Advocate for fairness across genders wherever there are systemic discriminatory practices; including equal pay, parental leave, childcare and parental custody.
  • Support the elevation of the gender affairs portfolio to the Federal Cabinet.
  • Endorse the UN target of at least 30% female executive representation.
  • Support representative gender quotas for corporate Australian boards and similar decision-making bodies, including superannuation boards and University Councils.
  • Push for paid leave up to 10 working days for all employees affected by, or victims of, domestic abuse.
  • Support ongoing national funding for domestic violence support services.
  • Support additional subsidies for apprentices and trainees in trade areas traditionally dominated by a single gender to improve workplace gender equality.               
  • Advocate for all the recommendations to increase funding and services as outlined in the final report from the Victorian Royal Commission into Domestic Violence.
  • Enact programmes to address gender gaps in industry, and address gender based pay gaps.
  • Advocate for more balanced roles in child-raising and other caring roles.                       
  • Amend legislation where traditional gender definitions might be discriminatory.
  • Legislate to allow for changes to allow for gender identity corrections on birth certificates and other official records
  • Commit to government funding of one year of paid parental leave.
  • Will advocate for the protection of bodily autonomy and fertility rights.
  • Commit to an emergency response to the Domestic Violence crisis.

Protect Equality

The Australian Progressives will:

  • Defend Australia’s culture of egalitarianism by ensuring legal rights and opportunities are protected and applied equally to all Australians regardless of race, sex, gender, religious, political, or cultural affiliation.
  • Remove religious exemptions for gender or sexuality-based discrimination from the anti-discrimination or equal opportunity laws.
  • Support Sections 18C + 18D of the Federal Racial Discrimination Act.