noun [ U ]


‘A social or political movement aiming to represent the interests of ordinary people through political change and the support of government actions’

The best definition aligned to our philosophy is ‘the idea of progress, which asserts advancements in science, technology, economic development and social organisation vital to the improvement of the human condition.’

As Progressives, our aim is to help society move forward through empowerment, evidence and empathy to create the best possible future for all Australians. We think outside the box and embrace innovation so our society, and everyone in it, can have the highest possible equality of opportunity, prosperity and a safe sustainable future.

We will continue to engage individuals and organisations focused on ethical and integrity-driven thought and action, and to apply evidenced-based policies where every participant in the Australian democratic process is equal to the next.

Members of the Australian Progressives might individually identify with a particular political position but as a political party, our progressive platform has been informed through our values as progressives. It is these values, not dogma or tribalism, which drive our policies and behaviours; evidence-based decision making, ethical behaviour, empathetic problem solving, empowerment across all communities, equality of opportunity and positive engagement with all citizens.

Whilst others may be tempted to describe our policies in terms of a political belief, we go where the evidence points us, focussed on the goal of building a community with a brighter, more compassionate and ambitious future. We will always support smart policy if the evidence and community sentiment supports it.

The Australian Progressives insist upon equality and commit to engagement with all Australians. We believe in the rights of business owners, especially small business owners. We acknowledge that both employers‘ and workers‘ rights are equally important.

We demand anti-corruption measures form part of the parliamentary accountability model. We also demand the end of private money in our election process. We believe the integrity of our parliamentary democracy is more important than any individual need, election campaign or loyalty to partisan politics. We do believe in and support the pursuit of equitable access to quality universal healthcare and education.

We are fully committed to introducing policies designed to arrest the decline of our environment and ecosystems, and horrifying rate of extinction of our native flora and fauna.

However, we believe that people and communities who have long been dependent on ecologically unsustainable industries and practices need to be fully engaged in creating solutions. The resolutions we collectively pursue must ensure all industries are empowered with self-determination for their economic futures on the path to change.

We believe evidence is far more important than opinion, and we will always remain ready to change our approach to complex issues when reliable evidence and community input demands it.

No. However, we support the right of all Australians to actively participate in our democracy.

We will fully engage and work with any non-government organisation seeking to create a better future for our children. However our Code of Ethics binds us to always act in the best interests of Australia and Australians – so we do not foster any formal relationships which might compromise our integrity.

We do not participate in electoral deal making under any circumstance. We evaluate other non-progressive candidates based upon the merit of their policies.

Preference by party or use of a ‘preference whisperer’ conflicts with our values. We make preferencing decisions based on individual electorates, assessing which other candidates best match those values.

We believe all people have the right to practice their faith in peace and safety. Conversely, nobody has the right to inflict physical, emotional or economic suffering or disadvantage on others based on their own beliefs or religion.

We strongly believe in the separation of church and state and reject any religious influence on public policy. We will always fight to uphold a secular state.