Our Party

The Australian Progressives aspire to be more than just a political party. We believe that a political plan must be more than just an ideology and understand that our world is far more complex than 'left' and 'right'.

We see the wealth of this nation coming from the empowerment of our people, not from the extraction of our natural assets. We will foster creativity and ingenuity by investing in the future. We will listen to the wisdom of those people with knowledge and experience and learn from them.

We acknowledge our diversity and embrace our differences as Australians.

We draw on what unites us as a modern parliamentary democracy rather than what divides us.

We aspire to build capacity, resilience and leadership in our community. A prosperous nation starts with strong foundations, built upon the strength of our communities where every citizen is free to pursue their natural rights of happiness and fulfilment. We promise to make this happen through the creation of opportunity for all people. We believe in communities that support individual citizen-driven democracy and the right to be the master of our destiny and fortune.

We will build bridges where others place walls. We will reach out where others might retreat. We will engage with all who share our outcomes and principles as Progressives, and with those who do not. We will support those who want to support others.

We will actively seek to sustain the land, seas and skies that support us all.

The Australian Progressives choose empathy over fear. We choose ethics over influence. We choose evidence over opinion and we choose transparency over silence. We choose the health of all above the wealth of a few, we choose collaboration over collusion and we choose leadership over dictatorship. We choose tomorrow over yesterday.

We know our party is defined by the way we behave in a crisis. We believe our actions under duress are a clear reflection of our moral and ethical values. We will not be goaded or threatened into behaviour reflecting anything but the highest ethical conduct to ensure the future prosperity of Australia and its people.

A progressive party, by its very name, must promise to move towards a better place. This is our vision for Australia.