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What does Progressive mean?

Progressive = looking to the future.

We seek the right answers, rather than the answers to match an ideology or a political agenda. As Progressives our aim is to help society move forward based on research, evidence and to achieve equitable outcomes for all Australians.



Are you left wing? right wing? centrist?

We are none of those things. We don’t base our policies on an exclusive ideology or on the interests of one demographic. We’re not in the thrall of big business, the unions or any radical movement. We base policies on evidence and ethical concerns, and we work with a diverse range of communities to help get the outcomes they need.



Are you Communists/Socialists?

No. Progressivism is not a communist/socialist aligned ideology.  We are pro-equality, neither communist or even socialist. We are just as interested in supporting business as we are in supporting low income earners and people on income support. We support large corporations to do their jobs in an ethical manner which doesn’t compromise the well-being of others. 

We believe everyone is entitled to the basics including a roof over their head and food on the table.



How are you different from Australian Labor?

We aren’t tied to one social demographic or organisation/movement. We believe the rights of employers and workers are equally important.



How are you different from The Greens?

The Greens work downwards from their central environmental ideology. We want to consult communities, working upwards from people’s needs while acting on scientific evidence. Sometimes the big answers will be similar, but the fine detail will be different. We believe nobody is better off if the planet is uninhabitable, but to ignore the genuine economic and employment needs of farmers and miners is against our values so support for these demographics is an important part of our policy agenda.



Are you associated with GetUp?

No. We’re not associated with clicktivism. Our goal is to engage people in politics on a personal level.



Where are your preferences going?

We don’t preference by party or use a ‘preference whisperer’ as it would conflict with our values. We make preferencing decisions based on individual electorates, asking ourselves who amongst the other candidates best matches our values.



What's your view on religion?

Everyone has a right to their own spiritual beliefs. Religion is an entirely private matter.  However, nobody has the right to inflict physical, emotional or economic suffering or disadvantage on others based on their own beliefs or religion.

We strongly believe in the separation of church and state and reject any religious influence in public policy in a secular state.

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