Our Values

We hold the following values as key to our success.


It is important to ensure our behaviour towards others reflects how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Read our Our Code of Ethics and Required Conduct to find out more about how we want to change political behaviour through example.


We believe that compassion for others is the basis of a truly contented society. Without seeing others’ points of view, how can we make policy to solve people’s problems? How can we help the disadvantaged without understanding how it would feel to be them?

The Australian Progressives know empathy is key to good public policy. The concept of ‘walking a mile in another’s shoes’ is what we expect of our candidates and defines our membership. We are all human.


We aim to create cohesive policy referencing fact-based, peer-reviewed research and/or proven experiences elsewhere.

To create and sustain a functional and fulfilling society we reject the use of all for-profit agendas when we make policy. Transparency and logic for decision-making purposes are vital if the Australian people are to regain their confidence in government.


Giving people a measure of control over what happens to them, and the assurance their voice is heard.

It’s hard to be positive when we feel or think we have no control. We will provide the platforms and support/assistance to empower Australians to take back our parliamentary democracy and to create positive change for our community. We will introduce measures to help all Australians contribute to a better nation.


We aim to close the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged.

Achieving equality for all our citizens is not a matter of giving all citizens the same thing. To do so simply retains the inequities. We recognise the diversity of experience, differences in income, social standing, culture, race and gender, and the difficulties of populations in remote and rural locations as barriers to equality. We have principles of equity in our policy positions with a goal to provide the resources all Australians are entitled to, to enable equality of opportunity in every sphere of life.


We aim to start and support conversations and positive actions between citizens, while asking people for their feelings, thoughts and opinions so we can act on them.

Our society has become cynical of all things political. It seems engagement with politics has moved away from membership of political parties and towards either inertia or activism. We see ourselves as the bridge between peaceful grassroots activism and politics. Grassroots progressivism can do good to help improve quality of life for many Australians. Only with positive action can we fight the cynicism that pervades our society and elevate our country in many ways.