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Have a Say in Your Own Future

Be part of a modern, open, transparent political party that is seeking to become a party of government in the 21st century. The best way to describe Australia’s current political divide is ‘progressive vs conservative’. Australians on the progressive side believe in principles such as equality, action on climate change, and ethics in politics. The Australian Progressives were founded in 2014 around these shared beliefs.

We are seeking to evolve ourselves using Australia’s hybrid Westminster system of government to our advantage. The people on the progressive side are best served if we have a single open, modern, and transparent organisation with a large number of people involved. It is not in our interests to fracture into smaller groups and tribes. The ALP is becoming a smaller group, with many more progressives outside the tent rather than in it. The Greens are not broad enough to set themselves up to offer an alternative government. Independents are not capable of forming an executive. If we want a progressive party to stay in government in the long term, we need a party that can bring our side of politics together – not drive us apart.

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Participate in your own democracy through a broad, modern and transparent political party.

The Australian Progressives is an open, modern and transparent organisation which will best serve new progressive politics. It will welcome a large number of people to get involved. It will incorporate simple, low effort processes to develop an open system of merit to produce our leaders. This will give the organisation and its people more integrity. We think a good party starts with people power – progressive Aussies speaking up. We want to hear from you: where do you want progressive parties to go in the next 20 years? What should a modern progressive party look like? What do you not like about the current ‘progressive’ parties? We want to know your opinion. By starting this conversation, we can make sure progressive ideas are always on the agenda.


We value Ethics, Empathy, Evidence, Empowerment, Equality, Engagement