Our policies

Our policies for a better Australia

We believe the economy should work for all Australians, not just those who can afford control of capital. Society is best served by a growing economy and the economy performs best when all share in the benefits of that growth.

  • End poverty & homelessness
  • Raise the Income Tax-Free Threshold, to ensure no Australian living in poverty is liable for taxation on their income.
  • Phase out Stamp duty in favour of a broad land value tax.

Corruption is a disease eating at the heart of civil democratic society. A Federal ICAC is critical to ensure our political integrity is maintained, and stronger protection for journalists and whistleblowers.

Australia is a unique island continent with a declining rate of species biodiversity and rainfall. We support the implementation of comprehensive environment and climate change policies to lay the foundations for a clean, green and sustainable Australia.

  • Take action on climate change and reducing Australia’s emissions.
  • Establish a broad-based Emissions Trading Scheme.
  • Support the immediate halt to developments that threaten the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Oppose foreign purchase of agricultural land.

Social Equality is a key Australian value; the fair go. In order to ensure equality for all Australians, we have a series of policy positions.

  • Advocate for fairness across genders wherever there are systemic discriminatory practices; including equal pay, parental leave, childcare and parental custody.
  • Paid leave up to 10 working days for all employees affected by, or victims of, domestic abuse.
  • Remove religious exemptions for gender or sexuality-based discrimination from the anti-discrimination or equal opportunity laws.

Australia is a wealthy nation. We believe there is enough national will and wealth to develop a national infrastructure program.

  • Increased funding to alternative energy research and development.
  • Restoration of rebates for domestic solar energy fed back into the grid.
  • Provide support for the relocation of viable industries out of the cities and into regional locations.
  • High-Speed Rail loop connecting all Australian capital cities.

A smart investment into education is a smart investment for a smart future. The Australian Progressives will work education and experts and leads to shape evidence-based education policy to bring world-leading education resources to all Australians.

  • Improve teacher training and remuneration.
  • Place an emphasis on early intervention for children with special needs
  • Support needs-based funding and world-leading public free tertiary education for all.
  • Introduce childcare and pre-school as part of the public education system.

A stronger medicare, easier access to medical services, and a well-funded age care.

  • Guarantee government-owned and provided Medicare.
  • Build a long term Health Funding model to take Commonwealth-State politics out of the system.
  • Support policy that would improve access to aged healthcare services.

The Australian Progressives believe that Australia should develop an independent foreign policy, with a focus on making diplomatic representations to other countries in support of equality, democracy, mateship and peace.

  • Establish a Royal Commission into the Mandatory Detention and Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers since 1992.
  • Support the restoration of a humanitarian ethos to processing procedures and reduce processing time.

The Australian Progressives will ensure a well-funded ABC & SBS, plus a broader range of funding for the arts.

  • Support the funding of high quality content broadcast free to Australians and oppose the expansion of advertising or commercial influence.
  • Enhance and retain publicly owned majority Fibre to the Home (FTTH) / Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network.
  • Provide government funding of the arts to provide great art for everyone.

The Australian Progressives believe in including citizens in the development of policy to ensure a fair, honest and balanced approach to democracy.

  • Include citizens in the policy development process.
  • Support the creation of a secure electronic communication path for government.
  • Religious bodies to separate their charitable activities from their religious promotion for tax free status.
  • Religious bodies to pay relevant taxes and council rates.

A stronger focus on science and knowledge will drive innovation, create jobs, and build a cleaner and greener Australia.

  • Support policies to increase science funding and work toward agreement with all parties that science is key to our future.
  • Support a commitment to open science research
  • Support policies that strengthen privacy protections for the public.

The Australian Progressives recognise the significant cost of colonial imperialism borne by First Nations peoples. Australian State and Federal governments have failed on fronts of health and well-being right across the country stemming from a fundamental failure to understand culture and self-determination.

  • Work with the First Nations of Australia to write a treaty.
  • Support the establishment of Makarrata.
  • Advocate for long term funding initiatives to empower communities to solve their local issues.