Three big goals of the party are
1. Action on climate change
2. A healthy Australian society
3. Ethics in politics
Become politically empowered.

We believe that in the long-term our party goals can be best achieved through a broad, open, modern and transparent organisation.
We are an authentic grass-roots political party started in 2014. Read more about our story here.
We are now undertaking the next stage in our growth and development. We want to provide clear pathways for talented people to enter politics.
Membership is free. Our aim is to involve more people by using open participation models rather than the idea of traditional party membership.

Have a say in your own future

Our platform includes

1. Tackling the housing affordability crisis and the high cost of living
2. Opposing the stage 3 tax cuts and for a fair and resilient society
3. Better access and funding for education
4. Support for just and fair outcomes for First Nations peoples
5. A science-based response to the climate crisis including the rapid phase-out of fossil fuels
6. Comprehensive whistleblower protections

We think a good party starts with people power – progressive Aussies speaking up. We want to hear from you: where do you want progressive parties to go in the next 20 years? What should a modern progressive party look like? What do you not like about the current ‘progressive’ parties? We want to know your opinion. By starting this conversation, we can make sure progressive ideas are always on the agenda.

The Australian Progressives was formed in 2014 by a group of people with shared political beliefs that did not identify with the major progressive parties – namely Labor and the Greens. Over the years a committed group of people have put substantial effort into establishing the party. We have stood candidates in both federal and state elections.

This is not just about the next election cycle.
What the Australian Progressives offer is a party with solid structures and systems in place for continuity. We have values and ethics embedded into our organisation. Members are welcome and able to contribute within a fair framework. Ultimately, good people can run as candidates for election and be part of this new generation of politicians so sorely needed.

We're working towards
1. Build the party membership
2. Develop the operational side of the party
3. Create the processes to develop and select Australia’s future leaders

The Australian Progressives want to reflect our modern society – we encourage all people – and especially young people, women, migrants, people with disabilities, people of color - to join us.

You can read more about our policies in the previous election.
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Why the Australian Progressives are a better long-term choice than other progressive political parties!
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